AEE was created by a professional and knowledgeable tour leader. Our experience is the qualification to been in the market more than 12 years. A lot of clients are satisfied with the service and trips that they have done with us. Our main idea is personalized tours for all our gest and makes our best to mark the best holiday and experiences that they had have. Our philosophy is to take advantage of the environment preserving and giving a unique and different experience for them holidays in this small but fashionable country. Please, be invited to enjoy with us an unusual adventure with a warm and professional group of people how is going to create the best to you.


Ecuador is a small country in South America. It is located on the Equateur Line. This small country is divided in 4 natural regions: Pacific Coast, Andes or High Land, Rain forest or Amazon Region and Galapagos. Official languages are: Kichua and Spanish.

Weather is very changeable in the all country even that people how knows climate says that we have 2 seasons: Winter (raining season) and summer (dry season). Local currency is US dollar and a population average of 14 million inhabitants. Be welcome to discover this magic country with us and lend us make our best to your complete satisfaction holidays.