Full Experience in Ecuador

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Full Experience in Ecuador


Day 01:

Once that you arrive to Ecuador lend us wait you. Lend us give you an introduction of the country during the drive to your hotel.

Day 02:

Early in the morning we will start our enjoyable experience in Quito City in the colonial streets surrounded of old buildings, churches, squares and governmental institutions.  Quito`s Main Square, Cathedral, Carondelet Palace, Compañia de Jesus Church (Gold Church) and san Francisco Square an Church are going to be the places that we will walk through. Then, we will “fly” in Quito on the Cable Car of the city. Our guides will go will you to Cruz Loma at 4100 mt. (13451,44 ft) high and the you will see the full city with mountains, volcanoes, beautiful landscapes and spectacular views. At the afternoon, we go to enjoy the Equator Line, the close point to the sun. Our guides will give you an explanation of this, time of pictures and some shopping.

Day 03:

Mindo Nambillo is and Protect Area by the Government. Mindo is a small village on the edge of this area. To get there from Quito we will spend like to hours. We will go from the Andes to the ecosystem call Cloud Forest to the North West part of Quito. This ecosystem is one of the most bio diverse in the world. We can see different types of animals and birds. There are a lot of spices of plants that makes this place magic and unique. Activities that we can do here are diverse but we can say: bird watching, canopy, tubing, high king, orchid’s garden, butterfly area and chocolate manufacture.

Day 04:

After Breakfast we will drive to Cotopaxi National Park. Cotopaxi volcano is the highest active volcano in the world with 5897 mt. (19347 ft.). It is inside of a protect area call Cotopaxi National Park where people can do different activities like: high king, trekking, climbing, bicycling, horses riding, camping etc. The most impressive attraction is this volcano that has glaciers on the top and the amazing landscape on different ecosystems. On this day our guides are going to take you to the information center, Limpiopungo Lake and to the base of this volcano and walk around it. Then, we will go to Chugchilan where we will pass through beautiful Andes landscapes until arrive to this little Village. You will have time to rest and enjoy the environment.

Day 05:

On this day we will take the road to Quilotoa`s Comunnity where we will see de Quillotoa`s Loop.  If you like walk and see outstanding sceneries Quilotoa Volcano is your option. Quitotoa is 3 hours from Quito to the south. We will drive on the Andes looking indigenous community’s landscapes and land felts. This is a famous volcano because it is located on Quilotoa Village and it form part of Ilinisas Ecological Reserve. This volcano is inactive and on the caldera of this we can find a lake with different colors water (blue, green, yellow). Here people can do hiking, trekking or just walk around. On the lake people does kayak and people can rent mules and ride them. After this we will drive back to Quito and from them to Otavalo.

Day 06: 

Otavalo is an Indigenous tribe in Ecuador. They are very recognized national and international because they have the biggest indigenous market in Sudamerica. On the way, we will have outstanding views of the Andes. Textiles, work crafts, Paja Tequila’s hat (Panama Hat), vegetables, corn, potatoes, verges, etc. are the products that we will look once that we get there. Of course you will see part of the Ecuadorian culture and a normal Indigenous life. Our visit will be complete with the leather market of Cotacachi and a natural attraction close of it that is Peguche’s Waterfall. Later, we will have time to rest and relax.

Day 07:

In the south part of Otavalo there is rescue center call “El Condor Park”. On this place we can see species of birds like condors, eagles, owls, etc. On this place in the morning there is an exhibition how big bird fly and an explanation about it. You will have the time to see and enjoy this demonstration. Then, we will take the Pan-American highway to Papallacta.  Pallapacta is at 3800 mt. (12467 ft.). This is one of the best Spas` in Ecuador. It contains hot spring and Spa therapies that are going to make enjoyable your day. Those hot springs come from two volcanoes close of this little town Cayambe and Antisana. It is located on massive scenery on the Pàramo Ecosystem. Once there we can first enjoy the land scape walking on the pad trails around and later on we can enjoy and relax ourselves.  Pools are from freezing water upon 40 ªC (104 ªF). You will have your accommodation and time to enjoy a good massage or the hot springs.

DAY 08:

Afer, Lunch, we will continue our trip to Huango close to papallacta on the way to the jungle. This is a natural place to see the Hummingbirds Garden we will see a lot of species in this garden. Then we will continue to the jungle part until arrive to our lodge. Late evening we will have a briefing before diner and the time to rest.

Day 09:

After breakfast we will be ready to do our activities. We will have one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon of course depend the plan of the lodge. All the meals are included in the lodge and special equipment that you require.

Day 10:

After lunch, we will take the “Cinnamon Route” (Jungle Route) Passing through Puyo and looking the beautiful jungle part. From Puyo we will return to the Andes on the Waterfall Route where we will see some Activities, the second most important fall that we have in Ecuador that is “El Pailon del Diablo”. Also on the way we will see San Pedro, Manto de la Novia, Agoyan until arrive in Baños. Time to rest and enjoy the place.

Day 11:

Morning to do some optional activities or rest. At noon we will leave Baños ant com black to the Andes part to Riobamba o Alausi. On the place we will have accommodation.

Day 12:

After breakfast yoy will take the trail to goes to the “Devils Nose”, this trip is around 2 hours and it goes to Simbabe Station there you will see de Devil`s Nose Hill and the beutifull construction of the oldest train in Southamerica. Then you will come back to Alausi and from then we will take the Pan-American high way on the way to Ingapirca. Ingapirca is the most important complex that in Ecuador we have. On the way we will appreciated the beauty of the South Andes of Ecuador, Indigenous Communities, small towns and land feats. Once there, our guides will lead you in the history of Incas and show you the entire biggest archaeological complex of the Incas in Ecuador. People are going to have an idea how they lived in that old period of time. Finally we will take the way to go to Cuenca where we will go direct to our accommodation.

Day 13:

In the morning our certificates guides will take you from the hotel. Cuenca is the third important city in Ecuador but one of the most beautifully cities because it is a Cultural Heritage of the Humanity by the Unesco too.  We will visit Calderon Square, Cathedral, San Ignacio Church (Old Cathedral), Flores Square, El Carmen Church, San Francisco, El Barranco, Turi`s View Point, Paja Toquilla`s Hat (Panama Hat) and more. Later we will go to the villages of Chordeleg and Gualaceo. Chordeleg is important because the production of Gold, Silver and beautifully metals. In the opposite Gualaceo is important because people who live there have a traditional form to make embroideries everything makes by hand. In the afternoon we will give you some suggesting doing additional activities.

Day 14:

After breakfast, we will leave Cuenca with direction to the west on the way to Cajas` National Park. Once there we are going to see the last beauty of El Paramo Ecosystem and from then we will drive above sea level. We will arrive to Guayaquil and in the afternoon the will visit the city on passing through the relevant places.

Day 15:

At the end of your business or holidays we will drive you back to the airport. We will give to you the property assistance at the airport to make this process easy and fast. That could be National or international fly.


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