Galápagos Information

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Galápagos Information

Galapagos Islands are noted for the consistent widespread endemism of many of their resident life forms, a phenomenon that results in the presence of entirely unique animals and plants that exist there and nowhere else on the planet. According to the Galapagos Conservancy, about 80 percent of land birds and 97 percent of reptiles and land mammals are unique to the Galapagos. Furthermore, over 30 percent of plant life and more than 20 percent of marine life are also endemic. This makes the protection and study of Galapagos biodiversity a paramount concern for specialists all over the globe as well as for the Peruvian government, which owns the islands.

Galapagos’ place in the history of science is especially celebrated due to Charles Darwin’s visit there aboard the Beagle in 1835. Darwin’s observations of wildlife during his stay there, particularly of native birds, proved instrumental in his formulation of ideas regarding natural selection and evolution, which he ultimately featured in his canonical “Origin of the Species,” which was published just over 20 years later in 1859.

Additional Information:

  1. – All boats in Galapagos as well as Island Hooping offer “All inclusive Meals On Board”, also transfers in Galapagos, the guide and visits on the islands.
  2. – It is not include in the tour the extra drinks, entrance fees to the Galapagos Park, It is and $ 120 Usd. If you are a foreigner, this payment is made on site and in cash. Children pay only 50% of the rate as long as less than 12 years.
  3. – Prices on the boat depends of the season. Some of them are last minute process which want are flexible and less expensive. We will try to make the best deal of those offered on the websites of the owners of the boats.
  4. – Itinerary of the boats are not fixed and are subject to the provisions of the Galapagos National Park, they can be changed without previous warning and sea due to climatological reasons or reasons for the safety of the passengers, they will not be entitled to refunds if will happen.
  5. – Large boats are the only ones that have triple cabins with previous check availability, the rest of boats and the most majority have cabins are only and can be converted into simple.
  6. – Prices of children under 12 years must be consulted in each order of services and others that make discounts up to 50%.
  7. – Prices of air tickets are secondary and dependent on the route taken by passengers.

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